Regardless of the available land, from large yards to small porches, starting a home garden has a number of health and financial benefits.  Growing fruit and vegetables, especially if following organic practices, promotes a better diet and lessens the consumption of herbicides and pesticides commonly found on factory farm products. The physical activity required to keep a garden productive also increases fitness, benefits cardiovascular health, and promotes better sleep habits.

Even considering the inevitable crop failures during a new gardeners learning process, an average home garden, if well planned, produces $1,818 in produce yearly. In order to increase the potential return, gardeners should look into preservation practices such as canning and proper storage to keep the grown produce useable for as long as possible. In addition to the positive health effects, this financial benefit comes in spite of the potential costs of fertilizer and other gardening equipment.

Leon Turovsky, MD, is a specialist in cosmetic laser surgery and earned his Medical degree in Uzbekistan at the Tashkent State Medical Institute in 1970. Turovsky participates in fitness activities such as running and tennis, and gardens at home.