Leon Turovsky, MD, is the medical director at Sheepshead Bay Laser Center in Brooklyn, New York, where he has performed over 60,000 cosmetic procedures as a leading laser specialist in the metropolitan area. Outside of his work, Leon Turovsky, MD, supports several nonprofit organizations, such as Concerned Women for America and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) promotes cooperation between the United States and Israel, and encourages Congress to support Israel through foreign aid and a joint anti-terrorism effort. The mission of the organization is to enhance the security of both Israel and the United States.

Recently, AIPAC and Hillel, the largest Jewish campus organization worldwide, have begun working together to teach American Jewish students techniques to combat anti-Israel activities on campus. Both groups hope that using their combined resources can be more effective in combating anti-Israel sentiments both on and off campus.

An example of this collaboration came in mid-October 2013, when AIPAC and Hillel organized the Northern California Campus Summit at Stanford. The event, attended by campus opinion leaders and professors, examined the issues facing Israel and the United States in the Middle East.